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Vision,Mission,Goals and Objectives of the organization:

Our vision is that  the people of the region of  northern  district are leading worthy lives ,Prevailing there a fair, Social  environment without disparity and where the friendly ties between man to man ,equal justice are established and the people are absolutely free from poverty and social disgrace’’

Suchana is working for those who are poor, distressed and marginal people, women and children, those who are deadly affected with long term poverty and diseases . Suchana also works for them who are socially exploited and deprived .For the development of the living standard of the target people we are to bring  positive change in them. We have confidence ,through increasing ,Social ,political, economical and humanitarian support we might be able to establish positive change in regard to the livelihood standard  of our target people at our working sector’’

Socio-Economic Development of the poor and Vulnerable men-women.


  • Provide assistance for generating income /employment opportunities for the land-less and asset-less and empower the poor specially the women.
  • Creating awareness for the improvement in the Quality of life of poor.
  • Promote, Support, and sponsor innovative programs and projects to development an alternative development models .
  • Encourage savings habit and provide capital as loan /credit for utilizing the economic opportunities as means of productive economic development.
  • Eradicate illiteracy; open the door of formal, informal and basic education for the disadvantaged.
  • Aware the target people in respect of citizen’s right, child rights, women’s rights and legal rights.
  • Provide human and skill development training to the target people.
  • Networking of those people and institution working with the same goals and the philosophy.
  • Develop gender relation.
  • Rehabilitate the disabled and marginalized community in order to bring the expected and socially basic development.
  • To Contribute to the sustainable livelihood improvements of the farming communities through conservation and sustainable use of agro biodiversity    .
  •  To eradicate water borne diseases and awareness increasing through education about health & hygienic.

To ensure the equality between women and men through coherent gender  relations                                                                   


Current projects / Phase Out Programs

Women Development program

Husband and wife will be involved in IGAs. Social voices like early marriage, multi marriage, persecution, dowry will be eradicated from society.

MLF Project(Market & Literacy Fund

To pilot a fund designed to improve USC Canada’s and its partners’ performance in supporting the entrepreneurial side of..

Tube well installation

Supply the Safe drinking water  fulfill the need for confidence and nutrition and maintain the balance of the environment through Tube well installation


Promote public access to Local Seeds. Establish collaboration with the private sector to facilitate processing …..


Our Project

Tube well installation & Banana purma culture at community level, SEEDS OF SURVIVAL Program, Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households Towards Elimination of their Poverty (ENRICH),Indigenous Welfare Program, Non-formal primary education, Agriculture Sector micro credit/ Seasonal loan Program(SLP),Micro-enterprise loan(ME) and Others Project.


Project Done

40 K

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Awards Won


Experience Year

[Since 1996]

Experience In Business Development

Boda a lay ground area near Himalayan’s feet in the northern part of Bangladesh. The far difference of income between the riches and poors  has sharpened the worse socio –economic situation of the people of this locality . Especially the situation of the women and   children of land -less and asset-less family are more tremendous .To solve these problem  a group  of education  young  and conscious persons of Boda       combindly   create the SUCHANA SAMAJ UNNYAN SANGSTHA in 1st july 1996 .